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Every year thousands of citizens with “disabilities” face the risks associated with unsafe living situations. The government’s financial supports provide some assistance, unfortunately not enough, often leaving them surrounded by crime and despair. When a person’s housing, food/nutrition and other basic living needs are in peril it is difficult for him/her to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships.

Through the coordinating efforts of the non profit organization, Moncton Community Residences Incorporated (MCRI), a fundraiser is underway to assist individuals achieve and maintain safe living situations.small-size.jpg

Dear Friends,

“Over my 30+ years of assisting individuals, poverty often stands out as a major barrier preventing fellow citizens from achieving self sufficiency and healthy lifestyles. My hope is that you will join me in The Safe Living Project by purchasing a book or by joining our fundraising team. 100% of book sale profits will be used to assist individuals to live in safe neighborhoods; to have adequate food and clothing; and to address other important daily needs. I look forward to working with each of you.”

Sincerely Yours,

Jerry Kirkpatrick,

Author ‘A Regular Folks Guide to Humanity’

Together we can stop poverty for individuals living with “disabilities;” in fact, it is the only way we can do this…


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